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Intriguing Moves Inc.

Welcome to Intriguing Moves Inc., where creativity takes center stage, and innovation is our forte. We're delighted to welcome you to our digital realm—a space where media meets service in an intricate dance of excellence. Feel free to navigate through the various facets of our website, each section crafted to showcase our commitment to excellence. Whether you're here for media that leaves an impression or services that redefine the game, you've found your digital home.

About Lissha Sadler

Radio Personality, Magazine Curator, Content Creator, Entrepreneur, Promoter, Literary Coach


Lissha Sadler, also known as the "Literary Plug" among her clients, spearheads the operations of Intriguing Moves Inc. Recently, she has assumed the prestigious role of founder and editor-in-chief of Hardcore Grind Magazine.

In addition to her executive responsibilities, Lissha wears various hats as a social media manager, author advocate, literary consultant, avid reader, contributing writer, and author. Her commitment to clients is evident in her passion for immersing herself in their creative zeal and assisting them in expanding their brand. Lissha also wears the hats of producer and co-host of the popular podcast "Let’s Chat w/ Mz Toni and Lissha," a two-time award-winning show. Currently, she hosts and produces her new podcast, Hardcore Grind, and is available on all media platforms.

One of Lissha's notable accomplishments is the initiation of the Visions and Books Literary Expo, a project that mirrors all facets of her identity. She says, "For readers, I want to bless them with a 31-flavors reading experience. You don’t know what genres you like until you taste them. Visions and Books always introduce different authors and genres, expanding readership to new levels and giving back to the community.


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